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    Latest compatible jython versions

      Hi all,


      My question is very simple but I've been unable to find a response in any document. Which is the latest version of jython compatible with BBSA version 8.0?

      All documentation I've found is pretty old, and the installation guide in https://communities.bmc.com/communities/docs/DOC-8701 refers to a java version not compatible with Java 1.6.


      Thanks in advance.

      Best regards,

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          Bill Robinson

          the installation and configuration instructions for jython are in the blcli help documentation now.  2.2 and i believe 2.5 are compatible w/ blade.

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            Thank you Bill. Finally I could install Jython with version 2.2.1.


            Now I'm facing another problem that hopefully you can help me to solve. Following some examples here I've been able to establish a SRP connection against application server. The only drawback is that it takes quite a lot for the jli.connect call to finnish (between 1' and 4'). Do you know about any parameter I could check to improve this?


            My connection sequence is this:


            os.system('/bmc/BladeLogic/8.0/NSH/br/blcred cred -acquire -profile "authProfile" -username "user" -password "pass"')

            jli = blcli.CLI()





            print time.localtime()


            print time.localtime()


            Thanks again for your help.

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              Bill Robinson

              if you use the blcred to get sso creds you don't need the user or passwd.  just the role name and service profile name.


              what os is this on?