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    Executing external command in a package

      Hi all,


      I made a BLPackage trying to do a silent Oracle Access Manager Identity Server component installation. Inside this package I written an external command as reported below:


      ??OAM_Identity_Server.DC_DirOpt??/test/nfs/Oracle/OAM/Oracle_Access_Manager10_1_4_3_0_linux_Identity_Server -silent -options ??OAM_Identity_Server.DC_DirOpt??/test/nfs/OAM/config/ISConfigInstall.txt


      where Oracle_Access_Manager10_1_4_3_0_linux_Identity_Server is the installer and ISConfigInstall.txt is the config file containing parameters for silent installation (you can see also some variables referenced to directories).

      Then I created a BLJob, but when I launch it I get the error in commit phase (simulate and stage phases are successfull). In log messages I see some warnings and errors so I report you more significant ones:


      WARNING: See documentation for info about agent user privilege mapping.

      WARNING: The effective user does not have Administrator privileges. It is highly recommended that this action be performed as a user with Administrator privileges on the remote machine. Results will vary when run as a user without these privileges.


      ERROR:  Apply failed: id = 1

      ERROR:  unable run bldeploycmd.bat(0:No error)


      WARNING: [stderr: 1]     ./bldeploycmd.bat: line 2: /test/nfs/Oracle/OAM/Oracle_Access_Manager10_1_4_3_0_linux_Identity_Server: No such file or directory


      ERROR: APPLY failed for server Exit code = -4001


      Note that in particular I don't understand the third warning 'cause the dir exists. So can you help me to understand where I'm wrong?