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    Why isn't Live Component Updated

    Bill Bruncati

      I'm running BL 7.6 on Solaris 10.


      I have a component made up of 8 files.  The component has been discovered

      on 3 servers ( A, B, C ) . I'm auditing  the B and C components  ( Targets ) to A's component ( Master ) .


      I've purposely changed the size of one of C's component files, yet when I browse

      the component Live from the OM GUI, I don't see a timestamp change. Why isn't

      that being updated ?


      Also , the  Audit run isn't picking up the change to C's component file, so it see's

      no failure between A and C.


      I've tried  recreating/rediscovering/redefining the component and audit job but get

      the same results.


      Any ideas ?