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    Registry Key Information Re: Looking For Script To Use In BladeLogic

    Rob Slattery

      Is there an easy way to collect specific registry key information from all servers using a script and having it export in a comma delimited format?  I've found the registry command line (see below) but it exports all in one column and does not show the server name.  If you have to spend more than 5 minutes on this, don't worry about it; I'll keep searching.


      Below is what I was able to use to get the information but not in the format I like.


      regedit /e c:\temp\system.txt HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\FM\Support\POC

      Here's what the output looks like:



      "Owner"="Systems Admin"

      "Contact_Name"="rob rob"


      Here's what I'm looking for as an output:

      server1,703-123-0000,Systems Admin,rob rob

      server2,703-123-0000,Systems Admin,rob rob
      server3,703-123-0000,Systems Admin,rob rob