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    AIX provisioning - agent install fails after provisioning

           Hi, Im running provisioning for AIX server using NIM, as one of the options for post-install I checked on the Install RSCD agent box to install agent post provisioning, when the provision job runs, it installs OS and completes but it never installs the agent on the target. The nsh scripts are copied over to the target but it looks like it doesnt run the installer properly.




      Is there any Sys Package option that I'm missing?

        • 1. AIX provisioning - agent install fails after provisioning

          found the culprit,


          when the NIM server copies over the nsh-install-defaults file to the target, the nsh-install-defaults somehow got corrupted or changed, if you open it on the target machine, theres ' ^1' added at end of each line



          export COMPONENT_CHECKED^1


          export IS_SECURE_AGENT_LOGS^1


          export IS_KEYSTROKE_LOGS^1


          export NSH_USER_FROM^1


          export NSH_USER_TO^1

          INSTALL_DIR=/opt/bmc/B ladeLogic/8.1^1

          export INSTALL_DIR^1


          export AIX_STARTUP^1


          this may be because I created the nsh-defaults file in windows and copied over to NIM server on AIX. Deleting these extra characters fixes the problem.


          Also, when running the provisioning, the agent still was not installed properly. To fix this, I added this line to the First Boot Script part of the AIX system package


          /tmp/rscd_script.* -default /tmp/nsh-install-default.* < /dev/null


          this kicks off the install of the agent.