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    AD Authentication problem



      When I am trying to login to BL using AD authentication, I am getting following error:



      I have blclient_krb5.conf in place.

      Could somebody please shed some light on this.

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          Bill Robinson

          What’s in the %APPDATA%\BladeLogic\config.properties file for the user running the ui?

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            Hi Bil,


            Thanks for direction. Origionally entries in config.properties were:





            I changed them in order to provide full path. Now entries are:

            java.security.krb5.conf=C:\\Program Files\\BMC BladeLogic\\OM\\NSH\\br\\blclient_krb5.conf

            java.security.auth.login.config=C:\\Program Files\\BMC BladeLogic\\OM\\NSH\\br\\blclient_login.conf


            With previous settings (without full path) during login username was not coming prepopulated and after providing full path in %APPDATA%\bladelogic\config.properties username is coming prepopulated and is able to login.



            However For every user we need to change these settings in config.properties file!!! (I tried creating 4 users in AD and for each user I had to add path in config.properties in their %APPDATA%)


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              Bill Robinson

              you could fix it centrally then delete the users' files.