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    Unable to launch MSI encapsulated in an .exe on Win2008 devices

      We're using BL 7.6.0.


      The problem we're having seems to only affecting Windows2008 machines, as exactly the same depot item and job work fine on Windows2003, 32bit or 64bit.


      All the package is doing is:


      Placing jdk-6u24-windows-i586.exe into c:\temp\
      Running jdk-6u20-windows-i586.exe /quiet /norestart


      You can see the process launch on the server under the BladelogicRSCD account, but it just hangs and does not progress.  It keeps the file open until the process is killed. Last entries in bldeploy log:


      07/18/11 15:05:32.328 DEBUG    bldeploy - [2][] exeFullPath = (null), CmdLine = "C:\temp\stage\Oracle-Java-JDK-\bldeploycmd.bat", workingDir = NULL
      07/18/11 15:05:32.437 INFO     bldeploy - [2][] [stdout: 2] 
      C:\temp\stage\Oracle-Java-JDK->chcp 1252  1>NUL
      C:\temp\stage\Oracle-Java-JDK->c:\temp\jdk-6u24-windows-i586.exe /quiet /noreset


      Last entries in bltargetjobmanager log:


      07/19/11 14:20:56.089 DEBUG    bldeploy - Compare to blp_prog=bldeploy
      07/19/11 14:20:57.634 DEBUG    bldeploy - Compare to blp_prog=bldeploy
      07/19/11 14:20:59.178 DEBUG    bldeploy - Compare to blp_prog=bldeploy


      The job carries on trying to run until it is cancelled.


      If you run the above command line on the server manually, it runs fine, and launches the MSI installer.


      I've already tried setting the Bladelogic service to interactive logon, but this has made no difference.