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    Importing CI's into CMDB

    Ash Hall



      We have a set of Product Categorisations of varying CI Types already built within Remedy, we now wish to import a set of CI's. The data is within Excel and very basic, CI Name, Serial Number, Product Name - what is the best way to import this data into Remedy taking into account that the CI's relate to different CI Types, e.g. a mixture of Chassis or Equipment.


      For example, for Chassis CI's, would we import using the Import Tool into BMC_CORE:Chassis?

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          Mauro Ciuti

          Hi Sergeant,


          The best way would be using AIE (or Atrium Integrator if you have 7.6.04), creating a data exchange. From the Excel Spreedsheet, you can save as a CSV file which is supported by AIE (and AI).





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            Carey Walker

            As Mauro suggests, AIE or AI are the best options here. The Remedy Import Tools is no the best choice for more complex data, especially if you want the flexibility to do some data manipulation during the load.


            Looking at the process for AIE, you will need to save the data as a CSV, then create a data exchange for each class you need to import CIs or. AIE supports a variety of data sources including CSV, XML and direct data base connections. So if your current data includes both Equipment and Chassis data you would need two data exchanges (AIE can only load data into one class at a time). Each data exchange can use the same CSV, assuming there is a way for AIE to know when a row in the CSV is for Equipment and when it is for Chassis. If that isn't the case, either add a column to the CSV that will help AIE recognise the CI class it is loading (and you use that column in a qualification condition), or you will need to split the CSV manually and then use one CSV for each class. AIE can also be used to create relationships between the CIs in your CMDB if the information is available to know when two CIs are related.  So in a simple example (may not apply here), if your spreadsheet allowed you to see when an Equipment CI was installed in a Chassis, you can also get AIE to build all the component (or other) relationships that may exist between the two CIs.


            Take a look at the AIE documentation for details on all of the above. As mentioned also, Atrium Integrator is the new data load (ETL) tool for Atrium CMDB (will eventualy replace AIE), so if you are on the latest ITSM release, that is also available to you.

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              Ash Hall

              Thank you both for your replies. We're running AR System and Atrium Core 7.6.03 so assume that we only have access to AI? The dataset does indeed include a column to differentiate the CI Types and so filtering should be possible.


              I haven't used AI before but will go and explore the interface and report back should I have any difficulties.

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                Ash Hall

                For some reason, I can create a new Data Exchange within AIE however when attempting to create the individual 'CI Class Mappings' on 'Save' I get the error...


                [quote]Set fields active link running a process failed

                NotAR Admin (ARERR 1603)[/quote]


                I have tried running it as AppAdmin too, but to not success - what permissions do I need to assign to the user with rights to use AIE?

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                  Ash Hall

                  I gave up trying to get AIE to work and eventually used the Import Tool to import each CI Type's dataset into the respective BMC_CORE:BMC_CIType form - all done and I have to say, this doesn't seem to take any longer than setting up AIE might take?

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                    Dear Sergeant,


                    Could you please send the CI's excel templates which you are trying to import CIs data into CMDB.

                    I am looking to import CIs data into CMDB.

                    Thanks a million for your help.




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                      Gustavo del Gerbo

                      Hi Sergeant.

                      For simple data import you can use the Import Tool.

                      If you need more complex jobs, with data manipulation, responses to the source, error handling, scheduling, etc. etc. is much better to use AI (if available in your version) or AIE.

                      Those product are complex enough to provide you a more "professional" load of data, but which may not be needed for this specific scenario.




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                        Ash Hall

                        Sorry Srinivas but I no longer work for the company so don't have access to the template that I used - your best option for generating such a template is to export an existing entry into CSV format from the CI Type that you wish to import - use that export as your template of fields that you then use with your import.


                        Gustavo, thanks for your reply. Shortly after completing the import relating to this post, I did get a chance to use AIE, and what a great tool it is too! Saved me lots of time and allowed me to rerun the process each time we had a new dataset to import. Thanks for your input dude.