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    Creating an Incident from SRD including ServiceCI

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      I've created an SRD to allow users to raise incidents, which is simple enough, however I'm unable to pass the ServiceCI from the SRD all the way through to the Incident, as it errors saying:


      1901093: "", "Please select a Service CI from the menu provided or search for a Service CI by pressing the CI search button." Clicking on the View Events button shows that the field is populated with the ServiceCI as required.


      However, underneath is another field called ServiceCI_ReconID. If I add the same ServiceCI name to this field and hit Rety, I then get this error:


      1901093: "", "The Service CI selected is not a valid selection, please select from the menu


      If I now delete the field value from ServiceCI, leaving the ServiceCI_ReconID field in place with the ServiceCI name, the AOT completes, but still doesn't put the ServiceCI in place on the incident.


      Can anybody create an incident from an SRD which also populates the ServiceCI field on the INC, and if so, can you share how you did it please?






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