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    Read input file over the network with BL Jython

      Hi All,


      I'm using Blade Logic with Jython 2.5.2


      I'm trying to read a version number from a text file using jython.


      I wrote this script:

      import os
      filePath = os.path.normpath("//fileserver/deploy/trunk/version.txt")
      versionFile = open(filePath)
      componentVersion = versionFile.read()
      print componentVersion

      and it works when I execute it on the Blade Logic application server using the base jython.bat


      I am trying to run the jython script as a Blade Logic job as suggested in https://communities.bmc.com/communities/message/127661#127661


      I created an NSH script of type 2 (execute the script once), that calls my jython script.


      "/D/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.0/NSH/bin/bljython.bat" "D:\General\Create_Package\CreateDeployProcess.jy"


      but I get the error:

      Error 22:49:53 04/07/2011 IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory.


      Is that an authentication problem?

      I tried using the automation principles to set authentication - but I get the exact same error.