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    A question about audit job

      Hi all,


      this morning I created an audit job to run on 2 server: one master server (called mastertest) and a target server (called targettest) on their /etc/hosts configuration files.


      Now, the hosts files contains something like that:


      hosts mastertest:

        adebckps    aiebckbsdep mastertest   adebckps   adebckps mastertest


      hosts targettest:

      adesnops  adesnops-de VCDCA VCDCA02

       targettest  targettest


      So, when I launched Audit job, the running is successfull but the result was:


      for mastertest:

      mastertest mastertest


      for targettest:

       targettest  targettest



      I mean, I think the result would have been the simple comparison between two files and I didn't understand why I got only the entries linked to server names and not the other entries.

      Maybe does the audit work in this way?