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    Normalization Job creates incorrect CTI

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      Hi, we are trying to normalize CIs for classes BMC_SoftwareServer & BMC_VirtualSystemEnabler which has CIs for

      Model: Oracle VM Server

      Manufacturer Name: Oracle


      Current CTI values on form (as set by addm for both the above mentioned classes):



      Cat: Software

      Type: Application

      Item: Virtual Machine Software



      Catalog mapping CTI for "Oracle VM Server" as mentioned on atrium core console -> normalization app -> catalog mapping form:


      for class BMC_VirtualSystemEnabler:-


      Cat: Software

      Type: Operating System Software

      Item: Virtualization OS



      for class BMC_SoftwareServer:-

      Cat: Software

      Type: Application

      Item: Application Deployment Software



      After running the normalization job, the CTIs remain unchanged for both the classes. the job is set for dataset level normalization, CTI Only. Please provide suggestions.

      Thanx a lot