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    How to install NSH Proxy server


      I want to configure a new NSH proxy server. Admin guide provides instructions how to configure an NSH proxy server (by creating new server in app server launcher and providing ports and type as NSH_PROXY).

      But I am not able to understand what ports I should give.

      If I try to install new Application server using OM.exe it says only one server can be installed.


      Could somebody please guide me how to start, which ports should be provided (and who is listening to those ports) while confiugring NSH proxy server etc.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Bill Robinson

          Do you have an existing appserver running that you want to add the nsh proxy to?

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            Hi Bill,

            Thanks for reply and sorry for late reply.

            I am able to configure and start the NSH proxy server. There was some issue with my BL server. When I tried with some other BL server, it worked.


            Could you please suggest me what should I do after this:


            I have given base port as 10400 for NSH_PROXY server.

            I have set appserver_protocol=ssoproxy in secure file of client as well as server.

            Have started process spawner service on BL server.

            Have created a BL auth profile on client as profile: nsh_proxy_profile, server=<appserver>, port=9840

            On client I have set

                          BL_AUTH_PROFILES_FILE="/C/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.1/NSH/br/authenticationProfiles.xml"



            Now when I run nsh on client I get following message after blcred:

            Error initializing node
            Error buffer: Error: Could not load authentication profile "nsh_proxy_profile" from file ""/C/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.1/NSH/br/authenticationProfiles.xml"". Check the secure file, and the "BL_AUTH_PROFILES_FILE" and "BL_AUTH_PROFILE_NAME" environment variables.


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              Jim Campbell

              We had to specify the 'short name' in the secure file for the nsh proxy profile file. E.g.



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                I tried it and here is the console output:


                C:\Users\sandeep>set BL_AUTH_PROFILE_NAME=nsh_proxy_profile

                C:\Users\sandeep>blcred cred -acquire -username BLAdmin -password bladelogic -profile nsh_proxy_profile
                Authentication succeeded: acquired session credential

                SSO Error: No authentication profile has been successfully loaded. Single Sign-
                On connections require a valid authentication profile.
                Error in Initializing RBAC User and Role (SSO Proxy)
                Network Shell can be used for local access
                A4BADBC762C1% exit

                C:\Users\sandeep>blcred cred -list
                Username:         BLAdmin
                Authentication:   SRP
                Issuing Service:  service:authsvc.bladelogic:blauth://
                Expiration Time:  Fri Jul 08 08:11:14 IST 2011
                Maximum Lifetime: Fri Jul 08 08:11:14 IST 2011
                Client address:
                Authorized Roles:

                Destination URLs:




                Looks like there is some configuration issue on server or on client.

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                  Bill Robinson

                  how did you configure the NSH_PROXY service on the appserver?


                  you typically need to do this:

                  blasadmin -s <instance name> set proxysvcport 9842.


                  or you can use the infrastructure manager.  both of those will only work agasinst an instance of type 'ALL'.  if the type is 'CONFIG' it will not work.  if you configured a separate NSH_PROXY instance you need to do something to the CONFIG instance.


                  the problem you are having is actually on the server side.  the AuthenticationService is not handing out the Url to the nsh proxy, because it doesn't know about it.


                  how many instances do you have on your appserver, and what type are they - CONFIG, ALL ?


                  let's get that fixed first.

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                    Bill Robinson

                    Also, unless you have enabled the process spawner in blasadmin, you don’t need to run the service

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                      Hi Bill,

                      Attached snapshot will clear the picture





                      I am configuring a separate proxy server. I am not using blasadmin utility but Infrastructure manager. Also note that I have also set ProxyServiceURLs in main server's configuration (have set port to 10442, from snapshot 1).

                      Is there anything I am missing or doing wrong?

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                        Bill Robinson

                        stop and delete the nsh_proxy_server1 instance.


                        on sandeep2, set ProxySvcPort to 9842 and restart.


                        establish creds again on your client and run 'blcred cred -list'  you should see a ProxySvcUrl in the cred list now, and the proxy connection should work.