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    Add Server with installed old Agent 8.4.1 to BL 8.1 Version

    Karim Brown

      Hi BL Community,

      we have 2 BL Installations:

      (1) Bladelogic 7.4.1 with old Agents 7.4.x

      (2) Bladelogic 8.1 with New agents 8.x

      We will kill the old BL Installation (1) after adding all old Agents to the New BL Installation.


      We want to add the old Agents (Servers) from BL (1) to BL (2) but the new BL Version 8.1 doesn't recognize the old Agents (Servers).

      can we automaticaly upgrade the old Agents or we must du it manualy on all targets?

      Thank you.