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    Error running NSH command

      Select Content to Load or Exit(4):

      * 1: Load BSARA Reports Scripts - Collect Agent Logs

      * 2: Load BSARA Reports Scripts - Run ETL

      * 3: Load All

      * 4: Exit

      Enter a selection: 2
      LOADING bsara-etl CONTENT
      APPSERVER: ts-not-blapp1
      Is this content install in a MAS (Multi App Server) setup ? [y/n] :n
      Extended Objects will be copied to ///extended_objects
      mkdir: Error creating directory ///extended_objects: File exists
      Unable to create file ///extended_objects/error-msg: Remote host is unknown
      Could not copy files adapters to ///extended_objects
      cat: ///extended_objects/error-msg: Remote host is unknown
      Error running bsara-etl-install.nsh