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    Unable to load Shavlik Scan Engine dll

    Jim Campbell

      Has anyone seen this error when attempting to run Windows patch analysis jobs on servers?


      STDERR: Unable to  load the Shavlik Scan Engine dll. Error: 80040154


      There is nothing at all in the agent logs to indicate an error and this is the only error message in the job results.  Searching the forums I found this post (https://communities.bmc.com/communities/message/156037#156037) from a year ago for the same problem but with no response.

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          Esam Eid

          check your proxy setting from the BLASADMIN

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            Jim Campbell

            NSH proxy setting?  It doesn't appear to be an application server issue.  I've only seen this error on maybe 3-4 machines out of 3000+.

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              Stephane Forand

              Give a try one this.


              First     :  You also would like to run a BLCLI delete agentcleanup.

              Second :  did you try to upgrage the Agent on those Server(Target) ?

              Third     : Recently Shavlik and BMC seem to had some issue.


              Here, we had to change our global apps srv setting, to now download xml file, instead of cab file.

              open "patch configuration". were all downloadable file ae set. replace ".CAB"  by ."XML".


              Dont be afraid to try this option. Shavlik CAB file are like ZIP file of their own XML.  We did compare the compression ratio = is very low. so you wont lose any bandwith benefit.


              Next run it should try to download and use xml file.


              Fourth : We also have some other Error code = -1 ... were we had to replace the BL agent DLL that interact directly with the embeded shavlik scan engine, and it had fix the error -1  Issue. if you have this, ask BMC the new Agent version and or new Dll version that you could BL Deploy easily.


              I hope something here help.