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    NAS for File Server on Windows

      The "BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Best Practices Guide for Deployment and Configuration" suggest using NFS on the File server.  So you would use 'localhost' as the file server name, then mount the NFS share on the same mount point on each app server.  This certainly makes sense and seems like a simple/elegant solution to increase performance and provice some HA capabilities for the file server.  I'm sure it works great in the Linux/UNIX world, however, I can't seem to get this to work on a windows application server.  It appears that NSH does not recognize a Network drive the same way it does a local drive.


      I have mounted a NAS share on the E: drive (tried both NFS and CIFS), Installed the application server using localhost as the fileserver name and /E/<folder name> as the location.  When I start the application server it fails because it can't find the fileserver location.  This error seems to make sense because you get the same error from the NSH prompt when you cd into //localhost/E/. 


      I have also tried shortcuts, symbolic links, and Junctions.  In all cases NSH can't see the directory.  It seems to know it is a remote filesystem.


      I was thinking iSCSI would certainly appear as local disk, however, you would then need a cluster aware filesystem, which is not an option in this case.


      Has anyone been able to configure a file server on NAS on a Windows Application server?  If so, how did you get NSH to see the remote filesystem?


      Does anyone know how you might trick NSH into seeing a NAS share as a local filesystem?


      This is obviously a new installation and we are using BBSA 8.1 SP1 on Windows 20008 R2 x64.