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    CIS Compliance Job failing

      Hi ,

      I am getting following error while running Compliance using OOB CIS template given for 7.6:

      com.bladelogic.app.collector.AssetCollectionException: /tmp/_146.61.170.20-10980-0-inetd_svcs_status.SunOS: Echo: not found

      (component=New One for EFH ONCOR Solaris 10-v1.1 (, selector=Extended Object:BL-LXO Inetd Services)


      Such kind of errors is causing the job to fail completly.

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          Bill Robinson

          Specifically there seems to be a problem w/ that EO (script) finding the ‘echo’ command I think.  that looks like a path problem.  you should enable ‘browse’ on the template and then live browse the components and see if you can trace down all the EO errors.


          In the meantime though, there’s an option on the CJ like ‘ignore compliance failures’ that should get the job to run, though you will not have results for the failed checks.