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    Multiple Physical Application Servers

      Hi everyone,


      We are working to install and configure multiple application servers in our environment but are having a few problems.


      1) We have installed the application server on all 3 servers and pointed them to the same DB and FileServer. Our main application server is up and running fine. When we open the Infrastructure Management window we see all three application servers and the 2 extras are running. The problem is when we expand the "application server launchers" section and click on our 2 extras we get a java error that states "Could not establish session"

      Anyone have any ideas?



      2) We see in the documentation that we need to keep the bladelogic.keystore file located in NSH/br/deployments/_template synced between them but it is not necessarily clear. The document states:


      "Copy the bladelogic.keystore file from the _template directory of the central Application Server to each deployment directory of the cooperating Application Server"


      Does this mean we need to take the keystore file from the /deployments/_template folder on the Main Application Server and copy it into the /deployments/_template folder on the other 2?


      Also, how often does this file need to be synced?