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    Changing MAC Address

    Rayemond Newman

      Good Morning All


      First thing, this is not about how to change the MAC address on UNIX/Linux or Windows


      I am working on a training project for a BMC customer and in the initail data gathering the question of the effect of changing a MAC address has on managed servers. So here are my scenario's and I would like to know the actions that would be performed.


      1. I manage all of my servers using BL and need to change the MAC address of one of those servers, the IP address will remain unchanged


      2. as 1 above but the IP address is also changing ( my guess here is that you would do whatever step you did in 1 and would also need to decommission the server the re-import it)



      3. As 1 above, but I also do all of my provisioning for my managed server esatate through BladeLogic


      I have my thoughts oin what should be done, but as this is going to form part of their training program I would like the supported answer



      Many thanks in Advance


      Raye Newman

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          1. BladeLogic doesn't have to do anything with the MAC address of a Server object. If IP address of the server remains unchanged that essentialy means the appserver is able to communicate with the end server. I suspect this might bring the server into unlicensed state though.


          2. Original server will be no more accessible. The icon in front of original server will change and it will be of no more use. Decomission it and add it with the new IP address. Note that if the server is added with its DNS resolved name, then you don't need to decomission the server with change of IP address as the DNS will take care of server name to IP address resolution.


          3. MAC address is the primary key for a "Device" object in BBSA. But as soon as the provision job completes, it becomes a server which is identified with its property "NAME" as the primary key. In the due course of the provisioning job, in the last step MAC address of the device moves from Imported to Provisioned workspace and the server gets added into Server workspace with the bmi callback. MAC Address of the device is a non-editable field in BBSA and so you can't change it in BBSA.

          Again if you change the MAC, I suspect server may go into unlicensed state.

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            Rayemond Newman

            Thanks Saurabh


            This is mostly what I expected, nice to have it confirmed. The server then being unlicensed is interesting. I will look more into this



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              Bill Robinson

              the licensing is based on the host id, if that changed because of ip change or mac change, then you need to re-license it.  i think this will only affect unix because on windows the hostid is based on the serial number of the c:\ drive.

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                Rayemond Newman

                Hi Bill


                Many thanks