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    Triggering Reconciliation Job from workflow

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      I'm working in ARS7.1/CMDB 2.1. I've configured simple reconciliation job (copy dataset) and I would like to trigger it from some custom workflow (filter). I've checked the documentation and I found this:

      You can use a Run Process action with an active link, filter, or escalation. This is one method of performing event-driven reconciliation. Use the command

      Application-Command Reconciliation <operation> -o "<job_name>" where <operation> is either Trigger-Job or Cancel-Job.

      Few paragraphs later there is a note:

      When you start a job using a Run Process action, the Last Activity Time is neither read nor updated. This means that you cannot use this method to perform an incremental merge. Also, all qualification groups defined within the job are ignored, even if you did not dynamically specify qualifications.

      Unfortunately my Job has some qualification groups defined. Is is possible to trigger RE Job with qualifications defined from workflow?