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    windows path to NSH path



      How can I convert a windows path to nsh path. e.g. C:\Program Files\abc => /C/Program\ Files/abc


      Is there any command in blcli?

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          I am not sure if there is a BLCLI for this, I don’t think there is any,

          However, you can do use NSH to achieve the same

          If you have your windows path as DOS_PATH variable

          NSH_PATH=`echo -E $DOS_PATH |sed s/'


          '/'\/'/g |sed s/'^\(.\):'/'\/\1'/g`


          This will give you NSH path. You can build on this to add //localhost at the start for local paths or add a hostname etc.


          Hope this helps.

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            Bill Robinson

            blcli is used to interact w/ the appserver - so doing text manipulate is outside the realm of what it's purpose is.  nsh however is a shell, and can do exactly this... 


            btw, your request is pretty common to do in a unix shell - it's helpful to google for things like this as they are not specific to nsh or bladelogic - most things you can do w/ standard unix text manipulation work across multiple shells, nsh included.