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    Deleting Bulk Inventory

      How do I delete Bulk Inventory CI's?  Our Asset Manager didn't really know what he was doing, and we need to start from scratch for Bulk Inventory items.  Problem is, when I try to delete a bulk inventory CI, it says it's related to a location, so can't be deleted.  I can't seem to unrelate it to a location, so I "Reserve/Use" all the inventory, but the CI still seems to be related to the location, even though the quantity is down to zero.  So, I thought I would delete the locations and just recreate them, however, it tells me in order to delete the locations, I'll have to relocate all the inventory to another location.  I'm confused now, because a) relocation what inventory?  I brought the quantity down to zero for each, and b) even if I did relocate them to another location in order to delete the current location, then the bulk inventory still exists.  Bottom line, I want all the bulk inventory gone so the Asset Manager can start from scratch.


      Can anyone help me?