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    Follow-up on ExitCode = 4001

    Rob Slattery

      Although our jobs (one specific job) seems to be working 100% of the time, we receive exitCode = 4001.  We performed a search on Google and here in the communities and noticed someone already posted this question but no answer has been received.  Has this error been fixed within the latest 8.1 which we're currently upgrading to?


      We're happy the job actually completes but when we look at the results, it displays the red circle with white x inside.  This means we have to make sure we verify our work manually which is what the job results section should alleviate us from having to do that task.


      Re: exitCode = -4001

      Usually this exit code means that some part of the job had a warning. However, the job could have done what you wanted it to do. If that is the case, I believe there is a hotfix available from Support which addresses this issue. Have you opened a ticket with them?