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    Scroll Bar doest not work

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      Hi All,


      Please put some inputs on it.


      we are displaying combined notes on a field type 'Character' ,Notes come from the diffrent form.

      This character field is on a Display Only form.

      now if the notes(data) exceeds the lenght limit of the fields,then SCROLL BAR should come up automatically.

      but here we need to clicjk on the EXPAND box to get this SCROLL bar.


      Is this fine with Character field?? or do we have any other type of field to be used?





        • 1. Scroll Bar doest not work

          Character field works that way, have you tried using diary field?



          • 2. Scroll Bar doest not work

            Hey Amey,


            i tried using diary field but it shows the same behaviour.

            but i have resolved the issue with CHARACTER field only.


            I set the focus to the Character field after the data is constructed and scorll bar comes up automatically. No need to click on the field.


            hope it will helpfull for you too

            many thanks Amey:)




            • 3. Scroll Bar doest not work

              Cool... Thanx n Welcome u too..

              • 4. Re: Scroll Bar doest not work
                Martin Rosenbauer

                For me, setting the focus to the field does not really help.

                Our character field has a hight of 36 lines. Often, there is text of more than 200 lines in the field. The scroll bar displayed by Midtier is too long, i.e. the scroll range is way too short (same for earlier Midtier versions, only the user tool did not show this issue). The expand box of the field is set to "Hide".


                When opening the display form (dialog box) with the big character field on it and with a very long text in the field, one can see the 33 last lines of the text. When moving the scroll bar all the way up, the text moves somewhat down and I can see the next 3 lines above. But I am missing the other 164 lines above !!!!


                The user seems to only have 2 options now:

                1) using the "arrow-up" key and moving the curser upwards. Then the text scrolls downwards, and the remaining lines above become visible.

                2) resizing the popup dialog window of the browser. By resizing the browser window, the scroll bar suddenly gets very short, and the user can then use it to scroll up and down in the complete text as it was expected from the beginning on.