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    there is something about blcli

      hi all,

      I just started learning bladelogic,i found there were many forum discussions about the "blcli". i want to know what is "blcli"? Who can give me some help documentation?




        • 1. there is something about blcli

          Hi Sanhuo,


          BLCLI is an api to call functions you can do using the GUI console.


          After installing the product, you can find the documentation in:

          <BMC Installtion Folder>\oninehelp\help\cli\index.htm


          the installation dir is usually in C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\<version>


          Since the BCLI is usually called from NSH script (based on zShell), you can find nsh command man pages in:

          <BMC Installtion Folder>\onlinedoc\CMBBladeLogicNSHCommands.pdf


          This should give you the basics of BLCLI.


          Apart from the basics, you can call BLICLI from Jython, use unreleased commands, and more.

          The communities here have all the info you need - just search it up.




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