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    Deploy TSM Agent on Windows and customize dsm.opt

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      i'm trying to install the TSM Agent on Windows Server via BladeLogic. This is pretty simple, because it's an .msi Installer. My problem ist the customizing of the dsm.opt file, which is the config-file of the agent. This file is usually created when you start the agent the first time, but you can also copy a dsm.opt file to the specified folder. That's what I'm trying to do. I want to copy this file to a specific folder, but before that i want to make some changes in this file, e.g. set a value after a keyword. I don't have any experience with that, so I need some help Is there a "walkthrough" or a Best Practice for such an task?


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          Put dsm.opt and the msi in a folder together. Create a new msi package in BBSA and point to that folder as the source.


          To add the value to the file do something like:

          echo "name=value" >> ??SOURCE??\dsm.opt


          You will also need to modify the msiexec line to be something like:


          msiexec <options> ??SOURCE??\<nameofmsi>.msi /RUNONCE /etc /etc


          Throw another line in the Install command box to cp the file to the intended destination that says something like:


          cp ??SOURCE??\dsm.op "C:\Program Files\SoftwareInstallFolder\config directory"