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    Connect Portal to CMDB ?

      Hi all,


      I have reinstalled my ARS/AtriumCMDB/BMC Portal efter a system crash.


      I was in a hurry to get it running again, so the AtriumCMDB was not installed by the time I installed the BMC Portal (2.8.50).

      The installer tells me that the connection from portal to CMDB can be configured after installation.


      But, I have now installed ARS and AtriumCore, and the CMDB SIM extensions are also installed.

      But the connection doesn't seen to work.


      I did configure the Portal to use the cmdb by loggin in as superadmin and from the Global Properties page (on the Portal tab) selecting the AR System Server name, port and password. The test succeeds and the configuration is saved.


      When logged in as a normal portal user and selecting a machine in the configure tab, the BMC Atrium CMDB Status says:

      "BMC Atrium CMDB properties have not been configured."

      Also, when adding elements and selecting "Discover from BMC Atrium CMDB", the error is "The BMC Atrium CMDB server is not currently available".


      Is there another configuration that needs to be done to get this working or is reinstallation and selecting CMDB during the install the only option ?


      This triggers another question:


      Is it possible to reinstall the Portal 2.8.50 system without loosing any elements and data already setup for monitoring ?

      Can I reinstall the portal, reconnect the RSM and be back on track with all my configured monitoring ?


      Best regards,


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          Niranjan Panigrahi

          Hello Johan,


          You can manually update the AR credentials in the Portal datastore by following the procedure given below. This would require a portal restart.


          Create a file



                     Add the following lines to the file with the appropriate values. You can

                     enter the password as plain text and it will be encrypted when written to

                     the database.







                     Then restart the portal appserver. The appserver will read this file, update the

                     database and then remove the file.


          Note, on the cmdbPort entry, if they are using portmapper for the AR System, they should set it to 0 here, rather than leaving it blank.