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    Milestone Action History

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      Hello All


      In SLM 7.6.03, upon viewing the SLM details you can see the service targets and milestones for those targets attached to the ticket. You do not however see the Milestone Actions. I'm looking to create an additional table showing each selected milstone's actions.


      Anybody done this? The milestones are recorded within the SLM:MilestoneLogging form, where are the milestone actions logged? Are they?


      The only information I found was in the SLM 7.1 User Guide (see below). It does not, however, tell me where the backend form is for me to do this, nor can I see it in the Sample app.


      Milestone Action History.JPG


      Kind Regards


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          Hi, not done this but why don't you try pulling the "actions" column in the same table rather than creating a new table? I don't have access to 7.1, but i think you can try identifying the form from which the column reads the values, and simply add the "actions" field to it.




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            Hello Ronald,


            There isn't a separate form for logging actions. A milestone is more a less a container for its associated actions and the only logging that occurs is whether or not the Actions were triggered (Event Status field in SLM:Milestonelogging). You'll note that I said "actions" because there isn't a separate status for each action, if more than one action was associated to the milestone, rather it is a single status. Also, SLM doesn't track what happens beyond the point of the actions being triggered due to the fact that an action is user defined and could be any range of things.


            Hope this helps,


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              Thanks for the responses. Since there is no form logging milestone actions I figured the easiest way would be to only display the milestone action's title and description.


              This can be done by referencing the Milestone Action backend form (called SLM:RuleActionComponent) in a table and then on click of the Milestone, an active link along with table qualifications will go an find what actions are associated to that milestone and display their Title and Description only.


              One cannot display the Status of the action (ie. whether or not it has executed yet), and one cannot display specifics of the action based on the ticket (ie. who was emailed, and when) but it's at least something useful to show the actions that will be performed in the event of a milestone being reached - just need to name them well.


              Thanks for the help