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    FileDeploy-job for agent update fails after update to v8.1-SP1

    R V

      Could someone please confirm if the following is true in a different environment:


      We updated yesterday to BL v8.1.1 (i.e. SP1) in a "-local" environment. We have an RSCD-agent-update-job (as FileDeploy-job) which is executed by one out of four job-server-instances.

      Now, if the job is started AND executed by the same job-server-instance it runs through, if the job is started by one job-server instance and executed by another, it immediately fails. There is an error message in the job-log for the target-server (i.e. server1.domain.com)


      nsh: 1: no such file or directory:



      Error running master script on server



      where "server1.domain.com" is the server to be updated and "jobserver1" is the server that should execute the work-item-thread.