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    CMDB custom attribute created successfully but not visible on form.

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      we have created  a  new attribute in the BMC_Application class using default attribute permissions. We want to create the new attribute using a custom namespace. But when we create the attribute either by using custom namespace or by using BMC.CORE the attribute is not visible / available when creating or browsing instances of BMC_Application.


      The attribute gets created successfully in Class Manager and is showing "Active" status. Its a character field and doesn't have any special properties, has the same properties as of those attributes which are available / visible.


      1. Allow any user to submit is checked.
      2. Attrib view Permissions:1098 1090
      3. Attrib change permissions: CMDB write security 1099 1091
      4. "Hidden" parameter set to NO.



      this happens for all classes where we are trying to create custom attribs.

      We are on 7.5 patch 005, windows + SQL db environment.