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    Integrating another application with remedy

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      I am using BMC remedy ITSM application for company's internal ticketing system.

      I want to integrate the company's people data with the remedy.

      More elaborately,  If company is hiring new resource and as soon as the new employee entry enters in company's database, it should automatically reflect in the remedy's people data OR if there is any modification in the employee data (existing employee), it should reflect in his remedy profile.

      If anybody is having idea about how to implement this and what are the necessary things, please share.




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          Hemanthini Mirapakayala Anjappa


          Integrating people data with remedy can be done in two ways.

          One with ARDBC LDAP and other is using AIE.




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            Hi Hemanthini,


            Thanks for the reply.


            Do you have an idea how to configure ARDBC LDAP or AIE. I don't know how to configure it in actual. I am doing it first time.


            If anybody is having idea how to configure, please share your experiences with sample example and steps.

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              Hi Anirudha,


              Hard to say which integration strategy is the best, not knowing all the details of the systems. My guess would be to use web services (on Remedy or the company employee system) and to daily check for employee records that were modified (or created) the previous day.

              Anyway, I suggest you first read the Remedy ARS Integration Guide (INT) to see which type of integrations are possible...



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                Carl Wilson


                the most common way is to use AIE or Atrium Integrator ( in the latest versions).

                You setup a connection to the HR Database (or where the information is stored via the OOB AIE methods) then map these into the appropriate forms - usually via a staging form.


                A number of companies offer a predefined commercial package to do this type of integration and it has also been discussed on this forum before - please do a search for futher information.


                As there is quite a lot of work involved to ensure the data is validated and cleansed, it would be advisable to look into some of the available integration packages.  If you want to tackle this on your own, then I suggest you start with the AIE guides and use the information available on this forum. 

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                  To Integrate BMC remedy ITSM application with AD(Company Database)

                  1.you have to configure LDAP(ARDBC)(Please refer ScreenShot for Help)

                  2.You have to create one Vendor form which will pull the data fron AD.

                  3.Push all the data on Staging form where required validation shd be done.

                  4.Push all the data from validation form in People form.ARDBC.jpg

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                    There are several ways to integrate external people data with People form in Remedy. In my case I have to use four ways (for different customers)

                    • If external people data is located outside (geographically) Remedy environment and customer needs to send (create/modify) people data before creating tickets (i.e customer needs to create people before creating incidents related to new people) you can use Web Service Integration to People form. Even you can use that WS for creating people records against CTM:LoadPeople form and then using OOTB Data Load validation/promotion routines if you need to validate/normalize data received.
                    • If you need to sync data against an external RDBMS like SQLServer/Oracle/other you can use AIE. In that scenario you may need to set exchanges in non-productive hours.
                    • If you need to sync against Active Directory and new users should access Remedy you can use AREA authentication. Even that way allows you to create records in User form (not CTM:People form) so you may need to develop additional workflow.
                    • If you need to sync against Active Directory and that sync should be done once per day (batch process) you can use ARDBC plugin in order to access User tables in AD: Then you can set some workflow (i.e Escalations and Vendor Forms) for populating CTM:People records.

                    Please explain us your scenario so we can provide better recommendations, also you can read Integration Guide for ARS in order to review all integration methods ARS can provide.




                    Alejandro Cañón

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                      Thanks all for your valueable suggestions. I will go through these and keep posting on the same thread about my progress.



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                        Jonathan Bishop

                        Could you expand on how to use the OOTB Data Load validation/promotion routines with the CTM:LoadPeople form?