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    BL 7.6 -- Any way to edit server description field "in bulk"?

      We have a number of already-entered servers in our console for which we would like to update the Description field. I have done some manually (Right-click, Properties, type in the new value, OK)... but this process doesn't scale well for several hundred servers. Can anyone tell me if there is an easy way to make this change?


      I have tried scripting (blcli Server setPropertyValueByName) and using the import function for servers already in there, including the "Description" field in the CSV file, but neither one works. I see that the Description property does not have a check mark under "Editable" in the server properties view, which I assume is what is preventing this automatic-type of change. Is there any way to temporarily set Editable to TRUE for this property?


      The thought crossed my mind that I could simply decommission all the servers, then re-import them with the correct description set. However, this would delete job run history, components, and create all sorts of other headaches that wouldn't really make it worthwhile.


      Please please tell me I don't have to make these changes all by hand?


      EDIT: I also see that there is a blcli ProvisionDevice setDescription command, but I don't know if that will give me what I'm after, either. At the very least, I'd not be interested in chasing down all the MAC addresses to see if it makes a difference.