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    blcli script dumping java.lang.OutOfMemoryError for audit results

      I have a nsh script using blcli to execute an audit job and export the results of the job as html and csv files:



      blcli_setjvmoption "-Xmx1024M"

      JOB_FOLDER="/Audit Jobs/db-os"


      echo "getting DBKey"

      blcli_execute AuditJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName "$JOB_FOLDER" "host1 - os audit production"

      blcli_storeenv JOB_KEY

      echo "executing Job"

      blcli_execute AuditJob executeJobAndWait ${JOB_KEY}

      blcli_storeenv JOB_RUN_KEY

      echo "converting $JOB_RUN_KEY"

      blcli_execute JobRun jobRunKeyToJobRunId ${JOB_RUN_KEY}

      blcli_storeenv JOB_RUN

      blcli_execute Utility exportAuditRun "/Servers" "Solaris os compare" "$JOB_FOLDER" "host1 - os audit production" "$JOB_RUN" /windows/pss/unix

      /enviro_audit/prod/html/host1_os_audit-$DATE.html HTML

      blcli_execute Utility exportAuditRun "/Servers" "Solaris os compare" "$JOB_FOLDER" "host1 - os audit production" "$JOB_RUN" /windows/pss/unix

      /enviro_audit/prod/csv/host1_os_audit-$DATE.html CSV


      Currently I have 2 application servers while I migrate from the old server to the new.  The old server is running Solaris 10 on sparc, while the new server is running OEL 5.5 on x86_64.


      If I run this script when my profile points me to the Solaris system, it works as expected. Running the audit job and exports the html and csv files to the locations defined.


      However when I run it against the Linux Server I get

      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded


      Of everything I can find, all the settings on the 2 appservers are the same.  Any ideas on this?  Support so far has only returned suggestions to read:



      Thanks but I'm not a java developer.