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    Moving a Blade Application Server

      I need to move my Blade Application server to a new subnet. This will also require a host name change.


      What kind of issues am I going to run into on the host ?  I realize the agents are going to give me grief talking back to the host.


      ANything in particular I need to watch for moving the app server ?

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          Bret Roemhild

          Couple of things ...

          The renamed appserver should be fine and just show up as a new appserver to the DB; the old one may still be around .. some of this depends on your version


          The agents should not give you grief as they do not initiate connections back to the appserver ('there is no phone home') .. however if the exports file has been locked down with the appserver hostname entered then that will be a problem .. push out a new exports file first with the new and old hostname in it ....


          no other gotchas come to mind but then again depends on version

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            The easiest thing to do would to be add the old host name(s) as an alias to the hosts file.  That would be simple.




            Otherwise, you would need run the fileserver change scripts (found in the admin guide) (assuming the fileserver is also on the appserver)




            The agents couldn’t care less who is talking to them (just make the adjustments in their exports file, if you have that locked down)

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