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    usage of "Server getBulkServerProperties input.xml"

    Andreas Koppenhoefer


      unluckily I'm failing to retrive server properties with

      blcli_execute Server getBulkServerProperties //myhost/absolute/path/to/input.xml

      I quickly found that this command requires absolute paths prefixed with network host location. But I never got a useful reply. This is my input file:

      % cat //myhost/absolute/path/to/input.xml

      All I get is an empty list:

      % blcli_execute Server getBulkServerProperties //myhost/absolute/path/to/input.xml

      What's wrong about that? The named server exists in Console Manager, is alive and available. The property "OS" also exists. I can prove this with:

      % blcli_execute Server printPropertyByName servername.mydomain.com OS

      This is BladeLogic Server Automation 8.1.