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    Adding a custom form into a ITSM Suite Deployable Application - Remedy ARS 7.6.04

    Antonello Tarsia

      Hi All,

      my goal is to extend BMC Remedy Asset Management Application 7.6.04 features allowing Asset User (Remedy ARS Role) to search data into a new Join form.

      The new join form is based on two existing forms belonging to the "DEPLOYABLE APPLICATION" BMC Remedy Asset Management.

      For doing it, I'm using the Best Practice Customization mode of BMC RemedyDeveloper Studio 7.6.04.

      I can create the custom join form but I cannot add the new form to the existing Deployable application. For this reason, the new join form losses all the Role permissions and only User with Administrator Permission can access to it.


      I read the documentation and I found that it's not possible to modify deployable application for licencing reasons. So my question is:

      How can I use overlay functionality to preserve my customizations adding successfuly the new join form to the existing deployable application?


      Thanks in Advance,