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    Need to add field in SYS:Notification Messages Form.

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      I want to add Entry ID in the SYS:Notification Messages form.


      For this I have done the below steps:


      From Developer studio:


      Created a Entry ID field in NTE:SYS-NT Process Control form.

      Updated push field action in the filter HPD:INC:NotificationGenerator_899_PNPC'!

      Added a set field action in filter NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageINC3_606


      From BMC Remedy User Tool:


      Created a new record Entry ID in SYS:Form Field Selection form for the Selection Type = "Notification Message Selection" .

      Selected #Entry ID# from menu in the form SYS:Notification Messages.


      I have referred the article



      for the above configuration but I am still not able to get the Entry ID in my mails.

      It appears as INC but there is no Entry Id number appended .


      Please help.


      Thanks and Regards,