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    How to license with NSH when trial license has expired.



      I ran into a situation where I can not run the getlic license against several servers because I didnt license the agents before the 10-days trial license. I'm getting a warning message (Software is not licensed) when I try to access a server from the GUI console and when I try to run a getlic command from the NSH I get a "No authorization to access host" message.


      Does this mean I'm in a lockout situation? How can I fix it if I have no remote desktop access to the servers in order to modify the configuration files (exports, users, users.local)? I'm sure I have the Appserver hostname in the exports file with *rw and the BLAdmin:BLAdmins BL user mapped to a local administrator account but for some reason I'm not getting access to the server throught the NSH.


      Any help would be very appreciated it.