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    File Server Resilience

      Hello team,

      I'm interested to hear what people think is the "best standard" for file server redundancy in BL8.


      I have 2 windows servers set up as file servers.

      One of these is the "live" fileserver and one is the "standby".

      I use directory synchronisation to replicate any update to the live file server root path ( /d/bmc/storage/ ) to the standby.

      I also back up the file server root path nightly.


      In the event of a failover from live to standy run the following command as per the Install manual.


      user/password @file_server_change_oracle.sql NewFS / NewRoot


      I can't help but think that there is probably a better way to do this.

      Maybe using DNS aliases or something similar.

      Anyone else doing somethign clever in this area ?