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    nsh script paramaters - how to use custom class property values



      Using BL 7.6 here.


      If you add a NSH script param, and browse to the custom classes, (you can pick something other than

      a NSH class)....let's say you have a custom class called FOO.  You also can pick a class instance of FOO, let's say

      that is BAR.


      My question is...how can you utilize any of the property values of custom class FOO, instance BAR within your NSH script...since

      you have set the parameter to use FOO.BAR.


      So for example:


      NSH script has 1 param -> FOO.BAR

      FOO class happens to be a custom class in prop dict with a  string property called FISH with value = monk


      Within NSH script, I try to use:


      echo "I love to eat fish, especially $myFISH"


      When I run this...I get


      I love to eat fish, especially FOO.BAR.


      This would be very valuable if it worked...I can't figure it out.  Especially since by BAR class instance has properties of type

      enumerated string, boolean, etc.  Currently you cannot force NSH params to property types like you can in the prop dictionary or creating

      a local property in a BLpackage.


      Hopefully this is just a misunderstanding on my part....but if not....show NSH scripts some class/instance/property love


      (natively, no cheating by using blcli's in the nsh script to get the property dictionary values)