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    Use different closure time criteria date from TIMESTAMP using SLM into Task,how?

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      We add SLM on Task as customization.

      Now we need to use when a SLM segment close itself, use a different date from TIMESTAMP.

      The problem is that SLM Module use Timestamp to close timing criteria.

      Customer need use a retroactive data/time. In particular he wants that slm calculate timing stopping the value inserted into that field. [Actual End Date]

      Someone know if there is an advanced configuration to make that slm use this retroactive date/time. Date/Insert into this filed is different from data/time in which an operator insert this value in their task.

      I see that there are 2 filter that push into SLM:Measurement TIMESTAMP when stop timing criteria engaged. Can I manually change this push insert customer field, or is there a more simple mode? Someone has experience in this trouble?