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    BMC Bladelogic & Decision Support Production Architecture

      Dear All,


      We're going for production for Bladelogic Server Automation App Server, Bladelogic Decision Support.


      Can anyone help me out with the production plan according to your organization. Because we are in a great confusion about architecture.


      1. How many Bladelogic App servers to configure for load balancing

      2. What is the app server architecture   (is it 2 node or primary, secondary architecture)

      3. How many database servers are connected to App servers

      4. How much storage is required for Bladelogic core DB

      5. How many servers are for Decision Support Servers

      6. How much storage required for ETL & Warehouse tool


      We have 3000 servers (solaris & Windows) in our data centers.


      Kindly help me out. If possible can anyone post the architecture diagram with configuration details.



                  I will always debt for yor help.




        • 1. BMC Bladelogic & Decision Support Production Architecture
          Bill Robinson

          1 - atleast 2.  you are load balancing only the GUI to appserver connections via a load balancer.  the balancing of running jobs happens automatically.


          2 - you will have multiple application servers talking to 1 database.  these are not clustered and all running at the same time. (this does not include DR)


          3 - generally 1.  if you are using something like oracle RAC then however many nodes are in that cluster - but logically the application servers connect to 1 bladelogic database.


          4 - it depends - there are some sizing guides PS can provide, minimum reccomended is 50gb or 100gb i think.  it really depends what you doing w/ the product. (snapshots, patching, compliance)


          5 1 for the application and there are 4 database schemas to connect to.  (those can be on the same db server)


          6 - again it depends on what you are doing w/ the product - min is 50-100gb i think..  there are sizing worksheets for this that PS can assist w/.

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          • 2. BMC Bladelogic & Decision Support Production Architecture

            Dear Bill,


                 Thanks for your update. It helps me alot.