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    Component Templates Re: Hardware Information

    Rob Slattery

      Hey everyone,


      I've started to create a component template which will be used to shakeout servers or, ensure things are running as expected.  I will use this template to show all servers on a specific network segment, or patch group, or whatever, to show all properties or features which make a server operable, are actually running.  For example, one time we had a bunch of vm's on a specific network segment go offline due to a network outage.  We were asked to verify all servers on that segment were actually running.  Needless to say, we had to manually go into each server to check.....wow!!


      So far, I've created a component template with parts focusing just on specific services running and that works just fine.  I'm trying to figure out how I can show that our processors, network, and memory assigned to the server report back on anything.  Don't really care because if the server is up and running it's up and running.


      The problem I'm having, is that the rule I'm trying to define keeps sending me back to the beginning; sort of like a loop.  Here's and example:


      I create a rule

      I give it a name

      I choose Basic Configuration

      I select New Configuration Objects then Configuration Objects

      I expand on servers, Windows Servers, and walk may way down to Hardware


      For this example, lets choose memory configuration:


      I expand on Memory and choose Memory Devices.


      This is it, this is the level I wish to report on.  All of our servers have different memory requirements so some servers may have more memory then others.


      Moving on:


      At this point, the only options I have is Path and Name.  ?????


      My goal is to have a job running against all servers in a particular group or segment and report back in the results stating "I can see you" and I'm done.  I don't want to have to go through the reporting server.

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          I am sorry that this is not much help to you but I must say you are trying to use an automation tool as a monitoring tool and I think you will have some pretty major difficulties here.


          For the point you have used as an example, BladeLogic is only interested on the properties of memory, not that it is 'working' or not. 


          Maybe some monitoring information could be captured, but even then you would need to run the job every time you wanted an update.

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            Rob Slattery

            Yeah, I see what you're saying but if that were the case, why would BMC place hardware information as a part to collect on?


            In other words, if you can't use the part just to verify it's existence, why have it?  Having the parts listed, and if you can actually use them within the rule you're creating, one would have to change the rule every time you run the final job because the servers may change, one server may have more memory than another server, etc., etc., etc.


            I would think if BMC has the part listed, at a minimum you'd be able to check the "amount" of memory, or the existence thereof.  Same goes for disk, cpu, and network cards.


            Does this make sense?

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              Bill Robinson

              if you need to see how much memory is in the box there are other places to see this.