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    Is there any information about "bmi64"-program?

    R V

      Hi there,


      (this is all in a v8.1-Linux-environment)


      we try to combiine the BL provisioning process with the customer's provisioning process as - at least at the moment - there's no way to let the PXE-server run in the different customer's networks because of other exisiting (non-BL)-PXE-servers (that's just as backgroun ;-) )


      I thought that it should be possible to:


      1. start a provisioining process (a provisioning job) in BL (which isn't really used)

      2. start some external provisioning process

      3. call "bmi64" (provided with the 'provisioning-files'-zip-archive) on the target like 'bmi64 setstate 15' (I will explain ;-) )

      4. "find" the installed host in the "Servers"-workspace of the Automation Console


      The goal is to provision w/ BL but w/o BL's PXE-server.


      About Step 3:

      While checking the "bmi64"-command and running it from an already installed (but in BL decommissioned) server I found out that you can set the "device is provisioned"-state with the shown command. After that


      1. the device disappeared from the "Imported" devices

      2. the device appeared in the "Provisioned" devices

      3. the server appeared in the "Servers"-workspace


      So - what is this topic for?


      Have ever someone gone a bit deeper into the provisioning process and can "confirm" this procedure as "working" or does somebody have her or his own two pence for this topic?


      Every bit of information is welcome :-)