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    Missing Patch Analysis

      Hi All,


           We are doing patch analysis for solaris servers. We are analyzing the patches in two different ways


      1. Custom Patch Catalog Smart Group




      2.  Default provided options as below.




      I wanted to understand that, if I use the Custom Patch Catalog Smart Group then the missing patch count would be more than Default (2nd option) option for the same server.

      Please anyone clear this?




        • 1. Missing Patch Analysis

          Kindly reply.


          Patch analysis condition is same but missing patch count is different for each analysis.

          • 2. Missing Patch Analysis

            If you analyse against your smart group, then only the patches existing in the smart group will be used in the analysis process.  Make sure you have selected your 'include' smartgroup correclty for the analysis job.

            • 3. Missing Patch Analysis

              Hi Scott,


                   Thanks for your update. I did the same. The "include" optin selected in smart group with below rule:



              Solaris patch      Recommended      True

              Solaris patch     Security                True

              Solaris patch     Absolete               False



              Without Smart Group Condition:



              Recommended Patches     Yes

              Security Patches               Yes


              But the missing patch count is quite different.




              • 4. Missing Patch Analysis



                The smart groups are based on solaris patch IS_RECOMMENDED property and I am unclear how the catalog patch list would analyse patches if you dont apply a smart group.  I can only recommend you compare the properties of a patch you can see is missed in one of the methods of analysis and see why it is being missed from your smart group.  Sorry I can not be more specific.