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    Not able to reset root password using nsh command prompt

      Dear All,


      When we are trying to access the target machines from NSH command prompt we got different errors for different target machines.

      Note : executing the below commands from app server machine where NSH has installed and configured.



      Procedure followed to update root user password:


      1. start > Run > nsh.bat

      2. cd // (logged into server successfully)

      3. nexec -e passwd root

           "Permission denied"




      In another solaris server


      start > Run> nsh.bat

      cd //

      cd: no authorization to access host: //



      All Target Server (Solaris Server) Configuration Details:


      1. Agent installed with root user previliges

      2. exports file:

           * rw,root=<App server IP>

      3. users.local file:

           BLAdmins:BLAdmin    rw,map=root



      Kindly let me know why it's happening like this?