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    Deployment problems with RHEL patching



      I am trying to setup a patch catalog for RHEL,  I have successfully setup an online solution, downloaded the patches and patched RHEL servers using the the Network URL type for payload deployment of "Copy to Agent At Staging" but when trying to select the "Agent Mounts Source for direct use at deployment" the deployment fails with error


      Error Mar 30, 2011 1:43:34 PM Application terminated unexpectedly 

      Error Mar 30, 2011 1:43:37 PM APPLY failed for server gbahevl425.gb.tntpost.com. Exit code = -5005 


      I cannot find out why as the only thing that is different is the selection.  Checking the documentation it only states to specify a NSH accessible path, which in either case is the same path. 


      I would like to use this option to allow remote filestores to hold the RPM payloads as not to impact the WAN too much, the above test however is using only local machines and the BL filestore.


      Currently we have a test/dev enviroment of a Red Hat app server running BladeLogic