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    Breach Comment

    T. D.
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      According to the Service Level Management User's Guide 7.6.03 it says on page 140.


      To add or view comments

      1 To add a comment, select an agreement or a contract in the table and click the

      Comment button.


      2 Add your text in the SLM Comments dialog box, or select a meaningful comment

      from the list.

      For example you might have a predefined comment “Breach due to external

      factors over which we have no control.”



      I don't see the COMMENT button.



        • 1. Breach Comment

          Go to the Compliance Dashboard and just below the table of agreements is the Comment button (next to the View Agreement button).


          Compliance Dashboard.jpg

          Hope this helps,


          • 2. Breach Comment
            T. D.



            It would appear that Compliance Dashboard seems to show me Agreements, but not SLAs.


            In previous versions of ITSM you were able to indicate the reason for the 'Breach'.


            Doesn't seem to be in ITSM 7.6.04, unless i'm missing something.