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    Authentication Error on Atrium Core Console!!

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      Hi , I am geting a Authentication Error on the Atrium Core console 7.6 Patch 003 when i click on the Atrium Core Console quick link on Home Page. I have already done the following:

         1. Reset the midtier administration password in Server Information -> Connection Settings.

         2. Set Default web path on the advanced path to http;//r0195:8181/arsys

         3. reset the settings on teh Midtier CONFIG  page and flushed the cache.

         4. Restarted the Tomcat & Application Server several times.

         5. Tried it on Midtier but same results.

         6. Installed the Flash plugins.


      I have a single system Db (SQL) and Application Server. Please suggest which logs i can refer or how i can go about troubleshooting this one!




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